Category: Eye Diseases

What you need to know about Myopia

Have you ever looked at something far away and thought, “That looks really blurry,” but for some reason, it looked clearer the closer you got? You could have Myopia! Let’s chat a bit about it. Myopia comes from the Greek word ‘Muops’ which means shortsighted. If you have Myopia, closer objects look clearer, but objects…
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What you need to know about Astigmatism

You’ve heard you have ‘Astigmatism’ but do you know what it means? In this video, we touch on what Astigmatism is, how it can affect your vision, and why it’s so common. We’ll be sharing some more interesting details about this eye defect soon, so be on the lookout. We’re discussing the types of Astigmatism…
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