Here’s some of your most common questions.

Do you have any promotions at the moment?

Any glasses will cost $1200 Guaranteed and they come Fully Loaded with your choice of added features, AT NO EXTRA COST!
Features include:
– Complete glasses or Polarized Sunglasses for $1200.
– Any frame (choice of hundreds to choose from).
– Any Lens Type (SV, Bifocals or Progressives).
– Any Lens Features (Clear, Blue Cut, Transitions, AR/Blue Blocker).
Get your glasses at $1200 GUARANTEED!
*Please be advised that you will not be entitled to our membership with this guarantee.
*The eye exam will cost $100 with this guarantee.
*The cost for high index, progressive spectacles will be between $2100-$2800, guaranteed.
* You price will be locked in for life once you return every 2 years.
*This offer DOES NOT come with any replacement of parts, accessories or spectacles.
PAYMENT OPTIONS: – 4 equal payment for a 4 month period ($300 per month). Please note that the spectacles are only created after full payment is received.

Can I get my prescription to take-away?

If you are not dispensing glasses with us, then you pay $250 for your prescription, otherwise it’s $100!

Can I use my own prescription?

Yes, we accept prescriptions from other companies. However we advise that you should re-do the eye examination with us for $100 so we can vouch for the prescription.
Failing this you will be required to sign a disclaimer stating that we will not BE RESPONSIBLE for your vision with this prescription as we will simply create the spectacles based on your prescription.

What's the price of children's spectacles?

Most Optical Providers offer a very basic package to save on cost as it pertains to children spectacles. However, in this growing age of Technology, our kids have increasing visual demands especially as they spend excessive time on various electronic devices. We believe in providing our children with the best protection for their eyes.

As such, while we do have cheaper options, our recommended lenses is equipped with Blu Guard (maximum protection from harmful blue light emitted from electronic devices) as well as our GlimmAR Anti-Reflective Coating which provides enhanced vision and comfort.

Our kids special (ages 12 and under) will cost around $1,750 for an average prescription.

Remember the Eye Exam is FREE, the Frames are FREE and your child will be covered by our Ultimate Replacement Guarantee as part of the Ultimate Membership.

This membership benefit alone is extremely significant when it comes to kids who often break or lose their specs.

Can I bring my own frame?

Before we can determine if your own frame can be used, it must be assessed by our highly trained staff to determine if your frame is appropriate in fitting and optical quality. Also, certain lenses, like Progressives, require specific measurements.
Once we begin the fitting process, a waiver must be signed stipulating that Ultimate Eyewear Ltd is not liable for any damages during the process. We do have hundreds of designer frames to choose from, all of which are included in our pricing!

How are you practicing Covid-19 safety?

All customers must wear a face mask to be allowed entry into our branches. Hand Sanitization and Temperature Checks are required for all customers. We have increased the spacing our our seating and sanitize all machinery and frames before and after use.

All staff members wear face masks at all times and sanitize regularly.

Do you accept Insurance?

We accept all major insurance companies and we will fill out the claim form for you. We are a preferred provider for Clico, Tatil, Beacon and Maritime.

We also accept the Sagicor CariCare card.

How long does it take to receive my glasses?

Our standard production time is 6 business days. However, it is possible to receive it earlier based on our load at that time.

What's the price of your packages?

Our pricing really depends on your age, prescription, etc. Single vision lenses are around $2100 & progressives (usually for persons over 40) are around $2,850 (our average prices).

These are our premium Digital Lenses which include our Anti-Reflective Technology AND Transitions OR our Blue Cut Technology.

Where are you located?

We have 6 convenient locations, Upper Frederick Street (opposite City Hall) , Lower Frederick Street (Capital Plaza), Arima (Next to Jadoo’s Book Store), Chaguanas (opposite the market), San Fernando (Montano Plaza), and Princes Town (on the Triangle).

We operate from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm, Monday to Friday and 8:00 am to 2:00 pm on Saturday.

What are your membership payment options?

Ultimate Eyewear Payment Options:
*Ultimate Advance 100
Receive an additional savings of $100 when you pay your full bill in advance.
*Ultimate Deposit
Pay half down (on the date of your Free eye test) and pay the balance when you come to collect.
*Ultimate Lay-a-way
Pay for your Complete spectacles in 4 equal payments over a four month period. Spectacles are issued when all payments are completed. (10% interest rate)
*U-Finance Hire Purchase Option (JMMB Loan)
Pay nothing down, and as low as $170 monthly for 2 years. Spectacles are issued the moment you are approved. (30% interest rate)
*Regular lending criteria applies
Remember your frames are for FREE, Your Eye Exam is FREE and membership is FREE… you simply pay for your lenses.

What's the price of your sunglasses?

You can get our PolarPlus Sunglasses with Optical quality prescription polarized lenses for $1200 as a part of our Sun & SEE Combo (if you are purchasing spectacles as well).

However, If we did your FREE Eye Exam and you do not require spectacle correction, then you pay $1,550. These lenses are tailored for you, as each pair includes your individual distance vision prescription into your lens. An amazing value for such great benefit!