Ultimate Membership



Below you will find complete details on every aspect of our Ultimate Membership that will answer all of your questions and allow you to make an informed decision.


  • Free frames for life (Regular Retail Price: $850 – $1695)
  • Free replacement accessories if needed (Case, cloth, nose pads, screws).
  • Free repairs (if possible).
  • Our ULTIMATE Replacement Guarantee.
    Should your Spectacles be lost, stolen, damaged beyond repair (even if it is your own fault), we offer a ” NO QUESTIONS ASKED ” replacement of your entire spectacles (Frame and lenses) simply by paying a REPLACEMENT FEE equivalent to 15% of the original purchase price of your spectacles.

Too good to be true…..What’s the catch…How much does the membership cost?

There is no catch but the memberships are limited and there are a few rules/stipulations.

Ultimate Eyewear has agreed to issue a certain number of these exclusive memberships and treat these members so well that they never have the need or desire to seek Eye Care with any other Optical company, thus ensuring repeat business in the future and eliminating the competition.
We simply want you to become our patients for life!


1) Once you become an Ultimate Member and receive your membership card, you will be required to produce your membership card at the branch in order to receive any of the benefits outlined in the membership.

2) If you lose your membership card there is a $100 replacement fee that has to be paid before you can redeem any of the benefits, so please keep the card safe.

3) To REMAIN an active Ultimate Member you will need to repurchase complete spectacles with us (the frames will always be free so essentially you will be required to pay for your Optical lenses) every 2 years upon the due date of your next scheduled Eye Examination.
You will receive a telephone call and/or recall letter by email and you will have one month from this date to return and re-purchase, after which your membership and all accompanying benefits are renewed for a further 2 years.

Should you fail to renew your membership within this time, your membership card and all associated  benefits will simply be canceled and your spot will be given to someone who will ensure that they remain an active member for life.

4) You are allowed up two Ultimate Replacements within the 2 year period, one per year.

It is therefore advised that you only use these Ultimate Replacements if a genuine need arises.

5) For those members who do not utilize any of the Ultimate Replacements within any two year cycle, you will be entitled to our Ultimate Bonus which is an additional 10% off the lens price at your next scheduled visit (that’s in addition to free frames and all of the other benefits…wow!)

6) The Ultimate Replacement for all standard prescriptions  will be locked in at 15% for life BUT should your prescription be out of the normal range and you require specialized higher index lenses (1.67 or 1.74) these carry a different replacement percentage between 25-50% and will be discussed on an individual basis once the exact prescription has been determined.


1) The membership card itself is free and you receive your membership card upon your first purchase of spectacles with us. As an initial bonus  and for a limited time only, we offer the free frames aspect of the membership right from the start so to lock in your membership you are simply paying for your Optical Lenses.

2) The Eye examination is a comprehensive exam and usually costs $200 but is FREE for everyone.

3) The frames are numerous and we have on display over 1800 frames from 90 different brands in every possible shape, size, color and style that you desire.

4) Our Optical lenses are not inflated in cost but rather are very competitively priced and in most cases are actually cheaper than most other stores. We are transparent with the cost of our lenses because we know this to be a fact.

Please also note that Ultimate Eyewear Ltd owns its own state-of-the-art Optical Free Form Lab and provides to its members the latest in lens technology that is second to none.

5) We aim to achieve a core group of members that are happy with the benefits and savings provided that they remain with us for life. However,  management reserves the right to refuse or cancel any membership for persons deemed inappropriate…..We prefer happy, loyal members!


Call 722-3937, message us on Facebook or visit any of our branches to schedule an appointment for your FREE eye exam.

Based on your prescription one of our qualified professionals will advise the best type of lenses and lens features to cater to your specific needs.
You lock in your free membership and receive your membership card by purchasing your first pair of spectacles with us as indicated.

We have many payment plans for you to choose from that can suit your lifestyle and pocket.

After that, it’s up to you to return for your scheduled visits in the future (every 2 years from the date of your last Eye Examination)  to retain/renew your membership and enjoy all of these unique and exceptional benefits and savings for life.