$1500 Glasses




The $1,500 Glasses

As a homegrown company, we sympathize with the current situation that most of T&T faces. So, we have dug deep and added something new JUST FOR YOU.

Now, any glasses will cost $1500! Our extended line available for $1600.

  • ANY FRAME (You have hundreds to choose from)
  • ANY LENS TYPE (Single Vision, Bifocals, Progressive, Polarized Sunglasses)
  • ANY LENS FEATURES (Transitions, Anti Reflective with Blue Blocker, Blue Cut)

In these times, we recognize that our customers NEED quality spectacles at the most competitive price, so we’re making it possible…just for YOU.

What We Provide

6 fully outfitted branches nationwide ready to serve you!

Our own State-Of-The-Art Optical lab providing the latest in Digital Lens Technology.

Comprehensive Eye Examinations to take care of your Eye Care needs.

We have our Totally Unique Ultimate Membership which THOUSANDS have enjoyed for the last 3 years. And now, we have our UNMATCHED $1500 GLASSES OFFER, making eyewear much more affordable to ALL.

Please NOTE

Please be advised that you will not be entitled to our membership with this guarantee.

Your Comprehensive Eye Examination is FREE under a limited time special promotion. We urge our customers to take advantage of this while it lasts.

This guarantee covers standard lens material for standard prescriptions. Higher prescriptions will require High Index lenses which will cost between $2600-$3400.

This offer DOES NOT come with any replacement of parts, accessories, or spectacles.

We accept all major insurance.

Contact Us

60-62 Frederick Street, Port of Spain

1-868-620-EYES (3937)



Opening Hours

Monday – Friday : 8:00AM – 4:30PM

Saturdays: 8:00AM – 2:00PM