Your Total Eyecare Solution

The concept of creating an “Ultimate” Optical Company was formulated in 2008 but it took 10 years to make it a reality.

The company’s first branch opened on April 3rd 2018 at 60-62 Frederick Street, Port of Spain. Our San Fernando branch was opened on July 3rd 2018 and our Princes Town branch was opened on July 23rd 2018.

The year 2019 saw the addition of Arima branch on March 14th and our Chaguanas branch on May 13th. Capital Plaza’s branch was opened the following year on March 21st.

UEL is totally unique as it works on the premise of a very exclusive membership concept which provides a host of membership benefits that are unmatched by any other Optical company in the world that we know of.

The company provides true value for money and genuine benefits and savings and uses this membership concept to not only create but maintain a loyal patient base for life.

For us as there simply isn’t anything like Ultimate Eyewear Ltd anywhere and we leave it up to our patients (present and future) to realize this for themselves once they experience what UEL has to offer.

As part of our business model, the company will issue only a limited number of these Ultimate Memberships and once our quota of memberships have been reached, we will close our doors to new members and become a membership only Optical company solely serving our existing members for life.

Apart from our unique Ultimate Membership, we believe in providing the Ultimate in Eye Care as well. We have invested heavily in fully digital diagnostic machinery to conduct very precise and Comprehensive Eye Examinations. We also perform various additional advanced testing such as Visual Field testing and Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT).

Ultimate Eyewear Ltd also possesses not one but two fully state-of-the-art surfacing and edging Optical Labs to provide the best in digital Freeform technology. At present we have on board 10 Optometrist and employ a staff complement of approximately 65.

Our goal is to live up to our name and become the ULTIMATE in every aspect. We intend to grow and evolve throughout Trinidad & Tobago and the Caribbean to establish ourselves as the ULTIMATE in Eye Care and Eyewear.