Virtual Try-On

Virtual try-on technology enables customers to try on products using their camera equipped devices such as laptops, tablets and mobile phones. With the help of Augmented Reality, users may contextually visualize the item in which they are interested, interacting and confirming the style, the size and the fit before making a purchase.

Ultimate Eyewear Limited is particularly proud to be one of the first eyeware companies in Trinidad and Tobago to offer this service, which is based on augmented reality.

What is Augmented Reality ?

Augmented reality (AR) is an interactive 3D experience that combines a view of the real world with computer-generated elements.  

How does UEL's Vurtual Try-On Work?

Our Virtual Try-On feature uses the camera on your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop to look at and analyze your face. It then sizes our virtual frames to fit the contours of your face, even allowing you to turn left and right with the virtual frame on to see how the frame looks from all sides. 

Do I have to install anything on my computer, phone or tablet for this feature to work?

Short answer, Yes. However it is installed automatically. On a laptop or desktop (with a webcam) the plugin is installed on your browser automatically when you click the try on link. During the installation you will see the following screen pop up (or open in a new browser tab), requesting access to your camera. Click “Allow” to give it access to your camera.

How does it work on my phone or tablet?

For the Virtual Try-On feature to work on your phone or tablet you must install the OCHO Vision app from the Google Play (On Android Devices) or Apple App Store (iPhone and IPad). This app attempt to be installed automatically once  you click on any “Virtually Try-On” link on our website. When prompted to “Allow OCHO to take pictures and record video?” please choose “While using the app”

Do I have to have a camera for Virtual-Try On to work?

Yes. The Virtual Try-On feature needs to use the camera on your device for it to work.

Will the camera remain on after I am finished?

No. The camera on your device will turn off immediately after you are finished using the app .

Can anyone see me while I am using the Virtual-Try on service?

No. No one can see you while you are using the Virtual Try-On service.

Can I still come into a store to try on frames?

Yes, of course. If you prefer to come in and try on our frames feel free to visit any one of  our 6 locations nationwide.

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